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3 In 1 Adjustable Children Dining Table Blue

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💥 Properties 💥
• Suitable for children aged 6 months and over (or children with stiff necks)
• Strong structure Design a 2-sided rectangular structure that supports both Four points to prevent rocking – falling.
• Chair made of ABS, PP, strong.
• Chair legs are made of beautiful painted steel. Chair legs are covered with rubber cushions, non-slip plastic for safety.
• Have a foot rest for children to sit comfortably.
• There is a built-in safety belt. For extra safety of the baby
• The tray is made of fine plastic, plastic grade for cooking. Removable, washable
• Heat resistant tray Easy to clean And can be adjusted in 3 levels, helping to train your baby’s eating skills with a table-top with adults easily Develop social skills as well Strengthen the discipline of eating from young age

💥 Product details 💥
Adjust the use of 3 types.
1. Extra chairs. In order to train to eat on their own or enter the table with adults
2. Low chair For the baby to practice eating on their own
3. High chair For eating food by entering from the mother


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