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Baby Walker

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The walker with the cradle function is great fun for children. First, a toddler can use a walker as a rocker. The walker can easily be transformed into rockers thanks to special handles. With the rocker option at the bottom, we pull the material on which the child puts the feet. After removing the material and turning the runner, a walker for learning to walk is created in a simple way. Soft seat removable with the ability to wash the material. It is possible to set the height depending on the child’s height. A musical desktop for fun – it provides the child with a lot of attractions. Security devices that block the passage of a child through the room threshold. Useful when there are stairs in the house. Walker designed exclusively for children who can sit alone at the age of approximately 8 months.

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Characteristics of the walker :
– made of reinforced plastic, it is stable and safe,
– soft, comfortable seat with backrest will provide comfort  
– each child and a multi-functional desktop with interactive panel will provide a lot of joy,
– buttons – each sound plays a different sound and light up lights,
– the walker is equipped with swivel castors, thanks to which it is very manoeuvrable,
– has height adjustment,
– a blockade to prevent accidental folding,
– rubber stoppers protecting against going down, for example from stairs,
– cradle function


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